Thank you for your interest as a Modern Throwback jersey sponsor for Kenny Washington Memorial Game XI.  As we celebrate our neighborhood at this year’s game, we’re bridging the old with the new as we reinterpret the classic 1917 Lincoln Tigers jersey – the same year our community officially changed it’s name from “East Los Angeles” to “Lincoln Heights”.

Tiger Sponsorship

As a Tiger Sponsor, your $65 will cover the costs of providing a jersey to one of this year’s varsity players.  Each player will keep their jersey as a keepsake of playing in their Kenny Washington Game – a tradition we started way back with Game I.  (We take great pride in knowing we were the first California high school ever to wear a throwback in competition!)

Thank you for helping us make the Kenny Washington Memorial Game experience a success every year.  Our school and student-athletes appreciate your support.

Questions can be answered by calling (323) 379-5973.