About the KWSF

Formed in the Spring of 2010, The Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation (KWSF) brought together a diverse group of Lincoln High School (LHS) alumni dedicated to preserving the legacy of one of Southern California’s most revered athletes and promoting the long overdue rehabilitation of the LHS sports stadium and track facility named in his honor.

During our 13 years, the KWSF has seen its share of successes for the school and community including the renaming of the school’s athletic stadium facility; the dedication of Kenny Washington Square; the restoration of the historic tennis courts on the Lincoln High campus; and the earmarking of $4,000,000 in funding by the City of Los Angeles and school district for a new athletic field and track.  We have also been directly responsible for steering bond money to the athletic facilities during the school’s current modernization.

Our yearly cornerstone has been the Kenny Washington Memorial Game, an annual event in the Northeast Los Angeles community of Lincoln Heights.  The game gathers the school community and alumni base together for a special night of celebration and recognition.  One of the many traditions associated with the game has been the outfitting of the Lincoln Tigers in authentic throwback jerseys for the night.  Lincoln High was the first high school in California prep history to do so and it has been continued every year since the game’s inception.  Our varsity athletes are allowed to keep their jerseys as a memento of playing in a Kenny Washington Game.

While the journey of the KWSF has had its share of challenges along the way, we remain committed to seeing the Lincoln High School athletic facilities become a crown jewel for all of the Lincoln Heights community to embrace and enjoy.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation is to advocate for the modernization and enhancement of the Abraham Lincoln High School athletic field and stadium.